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Designs to fall in love with

We help our customers find their own, unique style and create homes they adore. We believe every room deserves to look great and our curated collection of wallpapers and paints makes achieving eye-catching design effortless. Whether you love to create one aesthetic throughout your home, or believe each room should be unique, we have you covered. How do we decide which products to add to our line-up? Variety is key! Our close-knit team of designers, buyers and marketers work together to scour the latest trends, monitor our best-sellers and discover what is inspiring our customers.

We understand which papers will make your small room look bigger, your low ceiling seem higher, and your dull room glow. This all combines to make us confident that we have the best possible selection to offer to you. When it comes to choosing the right wallpaper, where do you begin? You may have your heart set on a certain colour, fall in love with a pattern, or have a trend that inspires you more than others. We’ve made it easy to find products to match your taste, and our site is brimming with ideas and advice if you know you want a change but don’t know where to start looking (can you say moodboard?!)

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Service from the heart

At our core we are a family-run business and, over a million sales later, the family ethos still drives everything we do. We have built an online community that inspires and excites the interior designer in all of us. For us, customer service means more than just an email thanking you for your purchase. Our team is here as much or as little as you need at every stage, from suggesting wallpapers you’d love, to celebrating with you on Instagram, when all the planning finally pays off and your new look is complete!


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Quality you can trust

Our products are as practical as they are pretty, with scrubbable options and paste to wall ranges. Each of our wallpapers earns a space in our line-up through a rigorous quality inspection and a simple question - would we be happy hanging this in our own homes? If the answer is no, it doesn’t make the cut. This approach to product testing is backed up by thousands of positive reviews and online comments from happy customers.

We understand that updating your walls is often one part of a much bigger renovation and work hard to ensure your whole experience with I Love Wallpaper is smooth and hassle-free. As a conscientious retailer we know our responsibility to the planet. That’s why we ensure all of our wallpapers are sourced from sustainable forests, and the majority of our packaging is recyclable. We stay alert to industry innovations and always look for ways we can be more environmentally friendly. We have spent decades dedicated to helping people discover their inner designer and fall in love with their walls.


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