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For instant impact browse our stunning selection of wall murals. From supersized florals to contemporary patterns and stunning landscapes, wallpaper murals are the quick and easy way to create an eye-catching, modern feature wall you will love. Finish the look with complementary wallpaper or paint, and simple furnishings to create a stylish interior you'll adore spending time in. New arrivals | Latest discounts | Paint
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Wall Murals can be both the perfect finishing touch to a contemporary room or the starting point and main feature for a whole room design. I Love Wallpaper stock a large collection of wall mural designs from specialist manufacturers all over the world. Our range is still growing, with a variety of sizes, styles and finishes available we intend to have the largest collection of Murals available online.

Wall Murals may seem like a new trend, but wall murals have been around much longer than you may have expected. The oldest wall murals were complete wall paintings that could have been found in the south of France in around 30,000 BC. Since then murals have been used to decorate walls and ceilings to in luxury homes and even Egyptian tombs. Modern wall mural techniques differ in quite some way from original hand painted methods. Modern day wall murals are often printed using digital machines or screen printing techniques. Rather than commissioning an artist to paint a wall or ceiling in your home, unique designs are printed on to a variety of substrates and hung directly to your wall. Finishes include eco-friendly and non-woven papers that would only require you to paste directly to the wall. Non-woven finishes are often much easier to hang that traditional 'paste the paper' designs but are regularly more expensive due to the complex manufacturing process.

With so many different designs available, it's easy to choose a print that suits your own personal taste, home and wall size. One of the most popular styles are natural themes. Natural imagery such as forest wall murals are very popular, offering a delicate peaceful scenes that contrasts today's busy City lifestyle and completely change the feel of a dull room. If you're not sure on sizes, there's a few easy ways to make your wall mural look great. When hanging a wall mural you should always make sure it's central and if your wall is a touch to small, simply trim any loose with a sharp knife or scissors. If your walls a touch smaller than your mural that's not a problem either. We recommend making sure the edges of the wall that will be on show are painted in either a co-coordinating colour, or the same as your contrasting walls - As long as your mural is central, any margins are much less of a problem than they seem. Once a wall mural is on a wall, you won't be able to look at anything else!

Here at I Love Wallpaper we have a collection of wall murals with prices starting from as little as £39.99. All of our murals are held in stock and are ready for quick dispatch and delivery. If you're looking for a particular style, simple browse by style and select particular sections such as city wall murals, New York City wall murals and more. If you require any further information about murals, don't hesitate to contact our sales and advice team, I Love Wallpaper are more than happy to help.